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October 2015

Happy Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2015 in Life

People have been wishing me a Happy Halloween over the past week here in England. Of course, I respond with a smile and a thank you, but inside I am seriously wondering why the heck they are wishing me a happy Halloween when it isn’t Halloween yet. Halloween isn’t the kind of holiday I want to linger like Christmas. Christmas is the sort of holiday that gives you warm happy feelings. Halloween is the sort of holiday that gives you the creeps. It can also give you feelings of regret on account of how much candy or alcohol or both you consumed. These are not the kind of feelings I want to stick around. I think for me one night of horror is all I need for the year. Possibly a horror film mid-summer if I really feel like going crazy. This is not to say that Halloween isn’t filled with laughter. Oh, there will be laughter and screams, lots of them. It is amazing how alive Halloween can make you feel when it is a celebration of the dead.


So, happy trick or treating everyone! Good luck and be safe!

We will be home handing out candy watching Halloween movies no doubt or catching up on The Flash.

Be sure to keep your dogs and cats shut into their own cozy room tonight and not free to escape outside if you’re handing out candy!


Babies Don’t Keep

Posted on October 30, 2015 in Life

Hello Everyone!

I genuinely hope whoever is reading this is having a good day. Today has been a long one, but a really good one! For the first time Emeline settled into a sleep routine! I really hope this happens tomorrow because we have been trying for a while now to get this down.  That is what made the day good. What made the day long was that I have only just now finished working at 7 and now the house needs cleaning, dinner needs cooking and I just now realized how hungry I am!

I was walking in the park today with Emeline and I noticed that the leaves are almost completely gone from the trees. I suddenly realized that Emeline’s favorite thing to look at will soon be gone and when the leaves finally do come back she will be almost one and probably won’t be interested in them. Soooo, I am coming up on my final days of Emeline’s excitement every time I push the stroller under a tree. Her face just lights up with delight, if you could see it. Every day I bring her outside and let her touch the leaves and I used to set her stroller facing a tree in the summer for a nap and when she woke up she would just lay there watching the leaves in the wind.


I’ll stop myself now, but the point here is that babies grow so fast! One day they have a cute gesture or expression and suddenly it’s gone. You didn’t know it was going to be the last, but it was. I know that with a child there will be many last times and some will be harder than others. The worst thing about the last time with a baby is that you don’t know it is going to be that last time! I wish now that I had just soaked it all up even when times were difficult. Just 6 and a half months ago my baby was born and I have already forget how small she was and how she used to act at certain ages. I wish I had written it all down in a book and taken more videos. I have plenty of pictures, but they don’t let you re-live the moment like a film does.

That is my plan now, to blog more, vlog more and write things down. I still haven’t taken Emeline’s hand/feet prints, but I will this weekend. And every time my baby is crying, won’t sleep or being difficult I am going to try to laugh it off, be patient and deal with it. I’ll tell myself it won’t be like this forever and maybe then I’ll remember to take it all in and enjoy. Yes, even the worst times.

The cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait ’til tomorrow
For babies grow up,
I’ve learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down, cobwebs.
Dust, go to sleep.
I’m nursing my baby,
And babies don’t keep.

Adapted from “Song for a Fifth Child,” by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

It is truly amazing to watch a new person explore the world they now live in. It must be like magic. I find myself looking at things and trying to see them the way Emeline does, patterns I’ve never acknowledged, textures I’ve felt so many times I don’t pay attention. I am still very much me, but becoming a mother has made me see the world in a new light. One thing is for sure, I certainly cry more easily now.


I challenge anyone reading this to take a video today of what you are doing and who is with you or make a memory, something you can look back at in years to come like an ornament for Christmas or a picture, because you won’t ever have this moment again. Good or bad, in years to come you can look back and smile, see how you’ve changed or be proud you got through that time.

In closing, I am happy to say that with children there will also be many first.

Lemon 🙂


Out For a Walk

Posted on October 28, 2015 in Vlogs

We have been walking a lot to get outside with Emeline. She loves to be outside and look at all of the trees, people animals and trees, did I mention trees? Emeline loves them more than anything, except maybe, Hemingway (the cat that is. She can’t read yet).

We live near a lot of cows, so we always see them on our walks. I find that many of the public footpaths go directly through cow pastures. Cows make me a bit nervous (they are so big), but I am getting used to it.

We did not get it on video, but near the end of this walk we went the wrong way and walked through a foot of muck only to get trapped by an electric fence! I need new shoes now.

Trista 🙂

Travel on a Budget: Getting There

Posted on October 27, 2015 in Travel

I certainly do not know everything about traveling (not even close), but over the past 6 years I have lived in 4 countries and traveled almost non-stop. I have traveled for business and pleasure, alone and with others. I’ve picked up some pretty helpful hints along the way and I’d like to share them with you, starting with how to get to your destination on the cheap, or as cheap as you can.

The first thing about traveling is this, if you want to travel you must MAKE IT A PRIORITY! I’m not saying it won’t take time and effort. All I am saying is that if you really want to travel take small steps and someday you’ll be on your way.


Now, let’s talk about transportation to your destination.

1. Use Budget Airlines!
I know they don’t come with all of the perks, but if cheap is what you are looking for these airlines are perfect. The major things you need to know about budget airlines are…

  • Budget airlines are extremely strict when it comes to baggage allowance in both amount and weight, so make sure you follow their policy or your budget flight might quickly become as pricey as a luxury airliner without the luxe.
  • These airliners often fly to smaller cities close to a major city, so you might end up an hour from the city center or more. This is something to consider because you will need to pay for transportation to and from the airport.
  • Don’t expect anything other than your seat and flight. The bathroom is free to use though.

 Here are some common budget airlines:
Europe: RyanAir, EasyJet, German Wings, Wizzair, AirBaltic, WowAir, Vueling, Flymonarch, Norwegian,

USA/Canada: Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest, Sun Country, Spirit, WestJet, AirTransat

2. Do Not Rely on Online Search Engines to Book Tickets
Expedia and Orbitz can be great or they can cause you to overpay. Those big search engines do not often list budget airlines. Here is an example, I searched for a flight on February 4th 2016 from London to Oslo on both Expedia and Ryan Air. The RyanAir flight only costs me $21 each way. I recommend using Which Budget. The site will show you all of the budget airlines flying the route you need.

With Expedia

London to Oslo

With RyanAir

London Oslo ryan air

3. Book Ahead!
This goes without saying, but just incase! The closer to your travel dates the more expensive flights get. The earlier might not always be the better, but booking in advance generally saves money.

4. Search for Deals and Coupons
We have found some pretty impressive coupons for flights before (saved $100 per ticket). We have also stumbled upon an airline that was having a deal to our destination city we just had to alter our dates.

5. Be Flexible With You Travel Dates
Being flexible with your dates allows you to choose the cheapest travel date. Many sites don’t give a price calendar, so try different dates for different prices.

6. Fly Stand-By
If this is still allowed were you are and you are alone/flexible this option can be great. You might sit in the airport for a little longer than you would like, but it can save you serious cash. I would NOT reccomend this if you have flying companions.

7. Fly to a Different City or Country
You would need to take a look at a map for this one, but sometimes you can find a much cheaper flight to a city close by or even another country and then drive or take a train/bus. Once we were going to visit some friends in Vienna, Austria. Flights were more expensive than we liked, so we flew to Budapest, Hungary and took the train to Vienna. We saved a lot of money and we got to see two cities in one go.


8. Book Separate Tickets
Airlines often charge more when buying tickets for groups. If you are flying in a group more than two people (this includes kids) try pricing tickets seperately or in groups of two. If you book and you can choose seats together on the website, excellent and if not call the airline or turn up ultra early for check-in.

9. Don’t Fly!
See if there are any trains, buses or ferries. There are a lot of pros when it comes to not flying. It might be cheaper or simply more conveient. When we drive across Europe with our cats we take ferries for convenience and to save us mileage. We move while we sleep on the ferry and driving is more flexible.
If you do drive I recommend checking which country or state has the cheapest gas prices and gasing up there.


I’m not rich, nor have I married into a wealthy family, but I managed to see more of the world than I ever dreamed I would by the time I was 25. I hope these tips help and if you’ve got any question comment below.

Happy Travels,

Trista 🙂




Signs Your Baby is Over Tired

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Mommy

Emeline has never been a baby to sleep a lot or fall asleep easily. They told us at the hospital that she would probably sleep a lot during the first week, but not our Emeline. Her sleeping patterns have changed with her growth. She went from always nursing to sleep and only sleeping on my chest to being able to fall asleep on her own with me close by. Fast forward to now and let’s just say these past few bedtimes have been beyond difficult. It literally took us 4 hours to get her to really fall asleep last night. I can only hope this is some sort of developmental leap, routine change or teething issue that will pass.


These days we do all we can to prevent her from reaching that overtired point. Unfortunately, though, we have been seeing way too much eye rubbing on account of this napping strike. I have never seen anyone fight sleep so much.

I remember the first time I was told that eye rubbing was a sign of an overtired baby, OOOPS! An overtired baby equals a baby that is generally harder to put to sleep. This was not the case with Emeline until she reached the 6 month mark. This is why it is really important now for us to watch for her drowsy signs. Of course, all babies are unique, so drowsy signs can vary.


Drowsy Signs (watch for these)
(According to Dr. Mark Weissbluth)

Decreased Activity
Eyelids Drooping
Eyes Less Focused
Less Vocal
Appears Disinterested in Surroundings
Signs Unique to baby like tapping leg, ear pulling, “coughing,” etc.

Signs of an Overtired Baby

Eye Rubbing

Drowsy Signs for Emeline
All of the above and bottom Lip sticks out

Overtired Signs for Emeline
It is very obvious when Emeline is overtired
Constant eye rubbing (we are talking non-stop here)
A horrible grunting like noise
NOTHING makes her happy OR she laughs at everything even if it isn’t funny

I don’t know about other babies, but Emeline is not everyone’s favorite to be around when she hasn’t slept. We usually start to put Emeline down for a nap after about an hour or two of being awake. However, she has had other ideas recently. Needless to say it has been a tough week.


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