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November 2015

Best TV Shows of 2015

Posted on November 9, 2015 in Life

I don’t watch much TV, but if there is a show on TV we happen to like it is nice to sit down with a cuppa and watch an episode or two. Here are my favorite shows of 2015.

Downton Abbey
A classic BBC period drama soon to be over unfortunately. While I am sure you’ve heard of this show, it follows the lives of an aristocratic English family in the early 1900s. A good combination of comedy and drama that I absoloutely recommend with an exceptional cast. In my opinion, you won’t be dissapointed; my husband and his bestfriend are also fans of the show.

The Flash
DC Comics anyone? To be completely honest this show fell upon us randomly. We wanted to watch TV one night and there were no shows we liked at the moment, or so we thought. Well, we went into most popular TV shows on our Sky Box and closed our eyes (my husband did anyway) and clicked. The Flash was what we landed on. One episode in and we were hooked! The show follows the life of a young Barry Allen as The Flash. There is comedy, romance, destruction, deception, love and a great cast all intwined into one. Even if you aren’t into superhero shows I think you should still give it a shot. I’ll admit though it took a while for me to really like the main character while I fell in love with the rest of the cast straight off

Modern Family
I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t a fan of this show. My friends used to have it on after work, but it never hooked me. I think the reason was because it is on once a week for only 20 minutes as opposed to an hour or 40 minutes that most shows are. I only began to like it when we started from the begining and watched it every night. I am a huge fan of the large cast and it is the perfect quick pick me up if I’m having a bad or weird day. Not to mention this show is mommy friendly as I say because each episode is only 20 minutes.

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
Of all the shows I have mentioned this is by far my favorite. If you are in the USA and this isn’t on TV you HAVE to find it online and watch it. Thirty-Eight year old Baz Ashmawy takes his seventy year old mother on an adventure trip around the world. Yes, that is right an adventure holiday. From rollercoasters to the world’s highest skydive, seventy year old Nancy learns to shoot guns in Florida, performes with ladyboys in Thailand, goes hunting for taurantulas in Cambodia and even trains as one of Santa’s elf in Lapland. This show is hilariously unscripted and will make you re-consider what it means to get older.

It is November now and I’ll soon be switching over to Christmas movies, but I’d love to add some new shows to my must watch list, so comment below and tell me your favorite TV series.

(Due to copyright policies there are no photos, sorry!)

7 Month Baby Update!

Posted on November 7, 2015 in Mommy

Has it really been 7 months already?! Before I know it Emeline will be walking and talking!
I remember talking to another mother in Oslo this past summer about how kids grow. We were watching her daughter play, now 7 years old, and she told me when she had her she thought everything would always be that way. I mean of course she knew her daughter would grow, but only when you actually see your children start to become little people do you actually realize they won’t be babies forever.

I don’t know! I need to go use the proper scales and get an accurate weight at the baby centre here, but this morning I tried to weigh her (with me holding her) and it looks like she is around 18lbs! If that is true she has gained 2 pounds and that is a lot at this stage! It would push her into the 75th centile in weight. Wow, to go from the 3rd percent to the 75th…..that is a lot. We will see.


Daily Routine:
We have a bit more of a routine now. Here it is…
Get Up (somewhere between 6 and 7)
Breakfast (Emeline has some food)
Wake and Play
Lunch for me and Alvin
Wake and Play
Dinner (Emeline has some food)
She gets milk as she needs it throughout the day. We don’t stick to any ridgid time schedule, as long as naps and bedtime are around the same time each night give or take an hour or an hour and a half.


I know I said last time that we didn’t have a routine, but that has changed. We found that we had a very difficult baby during the day because she wasn’t sleeping enough. She would sleep through the night, but she wouldn’t get quality naps. We have a mini routine and it works well and Emeline is much happier now.
Here is our night routine…
Lullaby while getting milk
She still sleeps in her Moses basket downstairs until we go to bed and then she goes up to bed with us. We are still in the same bed. We all sleep better that way.


She gets solids two times per day, but milk is still her main food. Right now it is all about different tastes and we feed her with a spoon. She chews well, but doesn’t swallow before wanting to play. We tried letting her feed herself, but every time she would put waaaay to much or two big of a piece in her mouth and gag, so we are giving it some time and we will try again soon. I would love for her to be able to be able to feed herself a bit too.

The foods she eats from favorite to least favorite are…
Sweet Potato
Prunes with Millet Porridge
Pear (she really doesn’t care for pear)


I believe these are the same as before.


  • She is really interested in the content of things now, is it hard, is it soft, what sound does it make when I shake it and throw it?
  • She has stopped rolling 🙁
  • She pushes herself backwards on the floor and still goes in a circle.
  • She is even more in love with the cats, especially Hemingway!
  • Unfortunately, she has been waking up at 3am every night to play. Occasionally, she doesn’t do this, but I think it is a phase.
  • She is back to screaming really loud when she wants something.
  • She is really interested in her body.
  • She is sooo much faster at grabbing things. You look away for two seconds and she had taken something, like your glasses for example. We need to be careful!
  • Lots of hair!

I’ll be posting an actual video tomorrow, so you can see Emeline too, keep an eye out!




Fast Protein Pancakes

Posted on November 4, 2015 in Food & Fitness

I totally stole this from my husband, but how could I not?!

Gone are the lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings where I could just take my time and cook Classic American Pancakes, but you know sometimes I just really want pancakes. Obviously, we needed a quicker alternative and we began experimenting with different pancake recipes.

Since fitness and nutrition are our hobbies and part of our jobs we use ingredients that are more nutrient dense. In other words, there is a lot more nutrition in these pancakes than your average pancake. The best part is the recipe above takes around two minutes to prepare and only few minutes to cook. Don’t worry about the use of some healthier ingredients doesn’t mean the end result is anything less than fluffy and delicious.

I know, I know, I always say if I am going to eat treats I have the real thing and not a healthier less satisfying version, but this recipe is so good. It lets me spice up breakfast and have a treat I actually get some nutrients out of.

Here is the recipe from the video above:

Half a cup of oats
1 scoop of plain protein powder (aka no taste)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 small banana
2 eggs
A tiny bit less than half a cup of milk
A few drops of vanilla extract or powder


Mix the oats in a blender to make oat flour.
Add the baking powder and protein powder and mix it one more time.
Add eggs, milk, banana and vanilla and mix first with a spoon and then the blender.
*Serves 1-2


Another recipe I like to use is this one:

2 large bananas
1-2 tablespoons almond butter
1 egg


Mix them together with a fork.
*Be aware that these pancakes are a lot softer and more difficult to flip!
*Serves 1-2


Fruit (I love banana and blueberry on them)
Maple Syrup of course (the real stuff though)
Coconut oil
Anything you think tastes good, you aren’t having pancakes to be healthy now are you?



The Best Nursing Clothing

Posted on November 3, 2015 in Mommy

I know there are a lot of women who don’t buy nursing specific clothing and I’m not telling you to go out and buy it either. I just got frusterated with my lack of options and I ended up investing in some pieces. It has made life much easier. While some of my favorite tops are still sitting in the cloest, I have more clothing I like wearing and less to fuss with while feeding Emeline.

What can you do if you don’t want to buy nursing clothing?

1. Wear button down clothing or tops with button necklines.
2. Wear low v-neck shirts or shirts with a stretchy neck, so you can just pull down the neck when it is time to nurse.
3. Wear a tank top with a regular t-shirt over it. Then you either don’t have to buy nursing tank tops, you can invest in some or you can make your own.
4. Use cardigans or sweaters with a tie.
5. Use your regular clothing! If you are worried about showing too much while nursing in public you can use a scarf to cover up.

Advantages of using nursing clothing:

More clothing options
Easier access = quicker response time
Less chance of ruining non-nursing clothing. I’m not a fan of stretching out the necks on my favorite shirts or getting milk stains on them. To add to that, some of my normal clothing would be much too complicated to take off and put back on again every time Emeline wants to eat.

All in all, different things work for different people. The best nursing clothing is the clothing you feel the best in!

Happy Nursing!




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