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January 2016

Baby’s First Fever and Cold

Posted on January 21, 2016 in Vlogs

Emeline had only had a fever once before this and it was for 24 hours. It was about two days after we flew to Norway and it wasn’t that bad. This fever was so, so much worse and scary even though it was just a fever and she was really responsive the whole time. The first time your baby gets sick it is NOT fun. We took turns staying up each night until the fever calmed down.

9 Month Baby Update!

Posted on January 17, 2016 in Mommy

Happy New Year Everyone, hard to believe it is 2016 already! Of course this update is about a week late, but we have been sick for what feels like forever. Thankfully though, it is just the flu and some minor additional ailments and nothing more serious. I think my poor baby was sick in every picture I’ve taken in this post though.

I keep seeing my friends babies celebrating their 1 or 2 year birthday and in my mind I am like, ‘WHAAAT, they were just born!’ Where does the time go? I can’t believe we are min January already! Anyway, on to what this post is about because no one wants to hear me talk about how quickly time escapes us. Emeline turned 9 months this month as many of you know, so it is time for an update!


I have NO idea! My initial plan was to have her weighed in Norway on the 5th, but because of everyone being sick that didn’t happen. I do feel like she has lost weight though because when she was sick she didn’t eat much and she had pretty much been rejecting all solids since then too. She has never really been much into solid foods though.

Daily Routine:

Whenever we are in Norway any sort of routine just falls out the window. I don’t know why really, but that is just how life is there. The only constant is Emeline’s naps, two a day unless she skips one. I do notice now that she prefers taking two longer naps instead of a few 30 minute naps throughout the day although she has been struggling to fall alseep since being sick. She can also only be awake for about an hour before she gets overtired. I equate that to being sick. There is a pivital moment when she is napping where she wakes up and looks for someone. If she doesn’t see someone within some minutes she will wail full stop and then getting her back to sleep is near impossible. Since being in Norway she is much better able to fall asleep with noise and stay asleep when the atmosphere is loud.


 As I mentioned before her routine is lost since being sick. Now that we are some I hope to go back to the same bedtime routine, but maybe a later bed time. She still sleeps through the night like a champ after I go to bed.


Wow, where to start with this one. Well, I feel like we took two steps forward one step back. When we got to Norway we started giving her a lot of the food her Aunt cooked/made for Tale (Emeline’s Cousin). It was going really well. She had lentils, rosehips, grassfed lamb, small bits of bread, tons of different vegetables and then she got sick. While she was sick she stopped nursing; we had to give her breastmilk from a cup and even that was difficult. Obviously solid food was a complete no and even now she still doesn’t want to eat anything really. Breastmilk all the way! When it comes to feeding herself she really doesn’t still. She only plays with the food, but she will eat it out of your hand or a spoon. We also give her a little water from time to time and she LOVES it.


I think the growing bit has leveled out now. She is still in size 9-12 months, but she can still fit into some 6-9 month clothing. I think in European sizing that is 70-74? We have some clothing that would fit a two year old really, but we sometimes put that stuff on her too (usually that goes for sweaters, socks and bottoms). Who doesn’t like to be comfy cozy?


  • Understanding words – She knows a lot of words. You can ask her where something is and she looks at it. You can ask her if she wants to get up and she will raise her hands if she wants up. If you ask her if she wants to hear a song she will clap if she does.
  • Clapping!
  • Raising her hands when she wants to be picked up
  • Playing ‘how big is the baby’
  • She knows the names of some people and will look at them if you ask her where they are.
  • She looks at toys from all angles now. She will hold up something new and look at every inch of it before putting it in her mouth.
  • She doesn’t put that much in her mouth anymore.
  • She will put things in your mouth or hand things to you for you to look at and see, but her aim is really off sometimes.
  • She loves standing and will take steps if you hold her up.

There is no more progression when it comes to crawling. She really didn’t get much tummy time or time to practice any crawling skills while in Norway this past month, so we will see what happens this month. I don’t feel like Emeline is the kind of person in a rush to get to anything though. She is very content sitting in one place look at things or messing about with whatever you give her. When it comes to speaking she only says kitty, more and possibly there (der) in Norwegian. We took her from an English speaking environment to a Norwegian speaking one, so that might be why there hasn’t been more progression, who knows!

That’s all for now!

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