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11 Month Baby Update!

Posted on April 25, 2016 in Mommy

So, in pretty much one month my little bean will be a year old, but until that time let’s check out what has happened over the past month!


We actually had Emeline’s one year review yesterday, so as of March 15th she weighs XX and is 72cm (2ft 4in) tall. This is the first time we have gotten a length/height measurement. In England they don’t do them until the one year review.

Daily Routine:

Since it is getting lighter out earlier Emeline has gone from waking at 7 to waking between 6 – 6:30 every morning. We don’t have curtains on one of our windows and so we might get some. Once she wakes up she plays for about 30 minutes and then we have breakfast. We try for a nap after that, but sometimes nap isn’t until 10. She normally takes two naps a day, but they are never longer than 40 minutes and she is ALWAYS really tired after waking up from her second nap. It is impossible to get her back to sleep or have her take a third nap. Because of this she still goes to bed early, anywhere from 430 – 630. If she isn’t sleeping she is eating or playing.


Sometimes she is exceptionally difficult to soothe to sleep and other times she drops off in minutes. She wakes every hour to two hours until we head up to bed and then she will either sleep through or wake only once in the night or early morning to eat. However, the past three nights this is simply NOT the case and she has woken at 3am or 2am and takes 2 hours to get back to bed. We are zombies.


Emeline MUST feed herself, so everything is pretty much finger food. I am terrified of her choking and so it is all pretty small bites. This past Saturday she snatched Alvin’s egg sandwich at a friend’s birthday party and ate it! Her favorite foods are broccoli, strawberries, cheese and mushrooms. She loves to much on large bits of celery, cucumber and apple. We don’t eat fluffy sandwich bread really, but if Emeline gets a hold of it at a party or something it is the best thing in the world. It’s pretty much cake.


Emmie really does have a baby body, big tummy, little feet, double chin, the lot! She is in the 50% percent for weight and only 25% for height and head circumference. We are still able to get away with some old onsies, but we buy 1-2 year clothing.


We are certainly at the age now where personality shines through, a LOT!
Here is a little bit of what Emeline is like. She is the kind of baby who likes to observe and learn. She is not as interested in getting from one place to another as she is in learning about every detail of everything. She is not afraid of anything per-say, but she certainly gives people a good once or twice over before giving them anything other than a nice hard stare.
She likes to do things in her own time. If you try to give her a toy she won’t play with it until you ignore it. This is also the same when it comes to milestones. When she wants to, she will, not before she is ready. She thinks about consequence more than any baby I have been around before. For example, she will stand without support as long as she doesn’t realize, but the moment she sees that you are not holding her she falls. She will tell you exactly what she wants in any way she can and for being raised bilingual she has a good amount of words already.
Emeline isn’t serious all the time because she does love to laugh and she loves a good game of hide and seek. She prefers to play and be with mommy and daddy, but she will certainly entertain herself if left to her own devices. Books are the best, but cats and dogs are the greatest things in the history of ever.


  • Assisted walking and unassisted standing (sometimes). This started about a week or two ago I think.
  • Throwing a ball back to you overhanded or sliding a car on wheels back to you.
  • More words: we can add ‘book’ to her vocabulary
  • TWO TEETH!! She got her bottom front two teeth just after she turned 10 months!
  • Waving hello and goodbye
  • A much better understanding of all sentences phrases we use
  • She has very good fine motor skills and problem solving skills
  • Giving cuddles or kisses, but this is only seldom. Most of the time she wants nothing to do with this kind of stuff.
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