6 Month Baby Update!

Posted on October 7, 2015 in Mommy

I know it’s not Monday, but…HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY to Emeline! I can’t believe that today she turned 6 months old! Where has the time gone? Babies grow sooo fast! So much has changed and she is really starting to come into her own and develop new skills every week. Babyhood has just upgraded to a new level of fun.

We just went to the health visitor clinic today actually and my little bean now weighs 7.24kg / 15lbs 14oz. She has gone from the 3rd percent (when she was born) to just below the 50th! Hello average sized baby! They don’t measure height for babies in the UK.

Daily Routine:
Emeline used to wake up at 6-7am, but over the past two weeks or so she has started to wake up at 4:30-5am! I feed her and then we just lie in bed and see if she falls back to sleep. Occasionally she will, but this generally results in her soft little hands grazing my cheeks and nose until she then tries to pull my lips off and gets mad when they stay put. Lips can only stretch so far, noses even less. She hangs out in her bouncer while daddy and I make breakfast and she sits in her height chair at the table while we eat. Then she eats again and by 8:30-9 we are off on our morning walk where she usually falls asleep. Sometimes she will take an afternoon nap, but usually she doesn’t and around 4pm she either becomes monster baby where NOTHING will please her or she laughs uncontrollably at everything. She does love to play on her playmat, watch me exercise and sing. My mum also sent this puppet to her and she thinks it is the greatest things since breast milk.

We have tried to get Emeline into a routine for bedtime, but with all of the traveling we did when she was young the closest we ever got was nappy, PJs, milk, bed. Sometimes we skip PJs and its just nappy, milk, bed. This is because Emeline chooses to go to bed early if she didn’t nap in the afternoon and later if she did. It works for us and her so we aren’t concerned about changing it right now. As time goes on we would like to try to make bedtime at the same time at least. Maybe soon she would actually have fun with a bath or story thrown into the mix, who knows, we will see.

We sleep in the same bed still, all five of us (daddy and cats included). It just works better for all of us and it ensures that we all get quality sleep and a good amount of it. Since we are all happy with it I don’t see any reason to change it and I really do love the closeness of it and I find it beneficial for bonding.

Emeline still sleeps through the night and has since 4 months, from 11pm to 5-ish am.


We started giving little tastes of food on our fingers (if we had just ate an apple for example) around 5 months every so often. She was soooo interested in food around that time. She watched us eat and tried to grab our food and she was so distracted during the day so feeding her was insanely difficult! This obsession has faded though and now she is more interested in our drinks! We have tried feeding her some banana via our fingers and millet porridge from a spoon. She ate it, but we are not even sure she knew she was eating anything. Today and yesterday we tried apple and pear as finger food and she HATED the pear and loved the apple. However, she didn’t actually swallow any of the apple bits. She just sucked/chewed on them and spit them out after. I suppose we haven’t officially started solids yet because she isn’t really 100% ready. I hope to try some banana tomorrow, we were out today.

Emeline still fits into some of her 3 month clothes! Happy days because we don’t actually have much for 6-9 months and next to nothing for 9+ months. I don’t really mind that though because I can finally go shopping for some clothing myself. No offense to all of the amazing gifts of clothing we received, they were wonderful, but I would like to do a bit of shopping for her too! She fits into her 6 month clothing too. I believe that is size 68-70 European size.


  • Sitting up on her own! This is new and she really only started doing it over the past few days. She will only do it when there is something close behind her (almost touching). If you leave her with nothing behind she just falls still.
  • Consonants! She used to just make this sweet sound that was like an H and S together to talk or she would yell and blow raspberries ALL day, but now she has started with the B, V, W and P sounds. B and V are her favorite.
  • She is a master at rolling tummy to back and she can roll from back to tummy.
  • The 360, she will turn in circles on her playmat to get at all of the different toys.
  • She can be left to her own devices for longer than 1 minute. This is a milestone for us, independence!
  • She is starting to play games and be more interested in them, like peek-a-boo, how big is baby, the itsy bitsy spider etc.
  • She hold her arms up/out to you when she wants to get up (not always, but often).
  • Double checking with mummy and daddy if things or people are okay. If she is unsure she looks to us to make sure it is okay.
  • She has started sleeping in different positions. She used to sleep on her back with her head to the right to the point where I was getting worried about her head shape. Now though, she turns her head to the left, has it straight and she has even rolled to sleep on her tummy!

That is all I can think of now and be on the lookout for a video update on my YouTube channel, coming soon!

Trista 🙂

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