My Bathroom

Posted on November 24, 2015 in Life

The Bathroom

Age 3, I go to the bathroom with mummy and daddy. They help me pee and poo, take my baths and brush my teeth.

Age 9, I go to the bathroom by myself now. I shower. I brush my teeth alone now.

Age 15, I spend hours in the bathroom. I shave, style my hair and experiment with makeup. Someone yells for me to get out.

Age 18, We go to the bathroom, my girlfriends and I, to get ready for the dance. We laugh and sing and share makeup and stories.

Age 20, I go to the bathroom to be alone because I have four roommates and at University you are NEVER alone.

Age 22, I go to the bathroom with my honey. I use the bathroom with the door open, the door never closes again.

Age 24, I go to the bathroom, my cat opens the door. He watches me get ready and plays with the toilet paper and old dental floss. He sits in the sink.

Age 26, I run to the bathroom to throw up. I get nervous when I go to the bathroom.

Age 27, I hobble to the bathroom to shower and wash away the sweat of labor.

I go to the bathroom with my baby in my arms because she’ll cry if I put her down. It isn’t easy doing this one handed.

I go to the bathroom to give my baby a bath.

I go to the bathroom and place my baby on the floor. She laughs and kicks as I talk to her and do my thing.

I go to the bathroom to relax, my cat comes in, my husband comes in with baby. Even when the door closed the door is always open. The bathroom, my bathroom, is a social space.

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