Signs Your Baby is Over Tired

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Mommy

Emeline has never been a baby to sleep a lot or fall asleep easily. They told us at the hospital that she would probably sleep a lot during the first week, but not our Emeline. Her sleeping patterns have changed with her growth. She went from always nursing to sleep and only sleeping on my chest to being able to fall asleep on her own with me close by. Fast forward to now and let’s just say these past few bedtimes have been beyond difficult. It literally took us 4 hours to get her to really fall asleep last night. I can only hope this is some sort of developmental leap, routine change or teething issue that will pass.


These days we do all we can to prevent her from reaching that overtired point. Unfortunately, though, we have been seeing way too much eye rubbing on account of this napping strike. I have never seen anyone fight sleep so much.

I remember the first time I was told that eye rubbing was a sign of an overtired baby, OOOPS! An overtired baby equals a baby that is generally harder to put to sleep. This was not the case with Emeline until she reached the 6 month mark. This is why it is really important now for us to watch for her drowsy signs. Of course, all babies are unique, so drowsy signs can vary.


Drowsy Signs (watch for these)
(According to Dr. Mark Weissbluth)

Decreased Activity
Eyelids Drooping
Eyes Less Focused
Less Vocal
Appears Disinterested in Surroundings
Signs Unique to baby like tapping leg, ear pulling, “coughing,” etc.

Signs of an Overtired Baby

Eye Rubbing

Drowsy Signs for Emeline
All of the above and bottom Lip sticks out

Overtired Signs for Emeline
It is very obvious when Emeline is overtired
Constant eye rubbing (we are talking non-stop here)
A horrible grunting like noise
NOTHING makes her happy OR she laughs at everything even if it isn’t funny

I don’t know about other babies, but Emeline is not everyone’s favorite to be around when she hasn’t slept. We usually start to put Emeline down for a nap after about an hour or two of being awake. However, she has had other ideas recently. Needless to say it has been a tough week.


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