The Cosiest Town: Bakewell

Posted on October 20, 2015 in Travel

Hello Everyone!

One of the things I love most about the UK are all of the super sweet little towns. I think this is something tourists come here for, but can’t often find.

I’ve decided to drive around the UK in search of the cosiest towns. I’ll do a mini review of each town and maybe when you decide to visit the UK or go on a weekend adventure (for those who live here) you can use this series as your guide.

My first stop, Bakewell!


Photo by Kris Chapman at under a Creative Commons licence.

We decided to venture into Bakewell because we drove through it once and gushed over it. It is just the type of town you can feel at home in. The locals are incredibly friendly and warm. The town is right along the river Wye and is complete with an American style ice cream parlor, boutique shops, classic English bakeries and pubs (apart from a random Austrian import shop/restaurant).

While you’re there you MUST sit down to a famous Bakewell Pudding and cup of tea. This English treat was not my first choice when looking into the display case of goodies, but since it was the local specialty we decided we couldn’t not taste it. I’m glad we did try it because it was really good, but I also bought a cookie covered with frosting for the mega sweet tooth I was having.

There are a lot of small familly run establishments here, which is something I LOVE about this place. If you’re looking for a Costa Coffee you won’t find it here or many other corporate retailers for that matter. Fun fact, Costa actually tried to open a cafe in Bakewell, but the locals votet against it. There was a craft fair on while we were there and I bought a candle, apple and vainlla scented, perfect for autumn.

Where: The Peak District, 13 miles south of Sheffield.

Parking: There is a large cental parking lot (UK Large) and there is also some street parking available and, of course, there are also many buses.

Food: Many bakeries and pubs (serving hot food to go too). This is also the home of the famous Bakewell Pudding.

Family Friendly: Absoloutely! There is a playground close to the centre and a park for the kids to run around in. The Monsail Trail also links up here with a bike rental just a mile walk in on the trail. So, if you fancy a nice bike ride around the Peak District here is a good place to start.

Size: Small town centre, perfect for walking around. You could see this town in an hour if you wanted to.

Shopping: Lots of boutique stores.

Nearby: Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall

Overall: It is a small town the whole family can have an enjoyable day in.

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