Why My Blog Turned into a Vlog in December

Posted on December 21, 2015 in Life

I know I haven’t been blogging that much and that is because I have been vlogging. I am not the best at vlogging and so it is difficult for me to blog and vlog and travel and look after my little one (not to mention I work too). Well, anyway, as a Christmas gift to my mommy I wanted to show her a little clip everyday of my life. I hope that it will make her feel like she is a part of my everyday life. I love you and miss you mum! I also hope these vlogs make my friends and family feel like they still know me.

Will the vlogs continue after Christmas? Well, after my new birthday gift and out of habit I think they just might. Not to worry though because there will be a lot more blogging happening too!

Trista 🙂

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